About Us

Usawa Inc. is an African Organisation based in Kenya
committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable
development and women’s rights.

Currently Usawa Inc works on co-creating equitable
and decent and inclusive work and democratic spaces
through, research, communications and human
resource policy and practices

Additionally, Usawa Inc. works with Young Women towards increasing their visibility by offering competence courses and networking events that seek to increase their upward mobility to management positions.

At Usawa Inc. our philosophy goes beyond “the self-help and ways to get ahead manuals” for women.  We are committed to interrogate employment laws, company policies and corporate culture towards improving women’s working experiences. We strongly believe that companies can employ diverse leadership and make profits, actually make more profits.

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Our Values

Equitable Leadership
Profitable Diversity
Collaborative Partnerships
Gender Responsiveness

Usawa Timeline

This is a timeline of the journey Usawa Inc. has taken from inception and the various highlights and milestones.


June, 2019

Usawa Inc hosts the 1st Women Leaders’ Hangout

Mar 2020, Dec, 2021

Usawa Inc through the Women Leaders’ Hangout hosts: Future of Work Webinars: Women at Work - a response to Covid- in collaboration with Strategic Industry & Government Partners

June, 2022

Usawa Inc appoints an advisory board

November, 2022

Usawa Inc through Swaiba launches the Faith ,Freedom and Feminism Series through the support of Voice.

May, 2019

Usawa Inc is officially registered in May 2019

May 2020- Oct 2021

Usawa Inc in Collaboration with American Corners hosts a tech for Mental Health Workshop series

May, 2021

Usawa Inc launches its podcast, Swaiba.

August, 2022

Usawa Inc through Swaiba hosts the Audible African Women Kenyan Election Series through the support of the Royal Danish Embassy through ACT!

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