Career Training & Professional Sponsorship Leadership Programs

Career Training

Documentary and Film making

We work with young women documentary makers and media partners in the field to make female film-makers in the region more visible, this complemented by the sponsorship-programme within the Women Leaders’ Hangout, aiming to help women film-makers develop leadership skills and career strategies.

Banking and Tax Accounting

We work with exceptional young women, their professional sponsors  and partner-employers  in the banking and tax accounting field to ready the younger women for roles in senior management.  The program is aimed at equipping young women with technical and management skills needed for senior level management positions in both fields.

MEAL and Gender Analysis

Usawa Inc. Works with younger women with interest in MEAL roles especially in the Non Profit sector. Our program works with leading Non Profits to create programs that enhance the capacity of young women to take up roles in MEAL and Gender Analysis. We also keen in working with Professional sponsors on the same.

Mixologists and Baristas

We work with manufacturers, hospitality partners and training institutes to create customized training programs for Women who have exception skills and interest in cocktail mixing and coffee brewing.

Professional Leadership Sponsorship Programs

We seek to provide sponsorship and field competence programs for younger women in their respective industry towards building a broad foundation of experiences and skills that will serve them to advance their careers, and be placed in strategic leadership roles.

Usawa also recruits, and works with women in senior management as sponsors for upcoming young women leaders in the respective industries.

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