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  • At The Women Leaders' Hangout,

    Having impactful conversations, changing young womens' lives.

  • At SWAIBA: The Audible African Woman Podcast,

    Having deeper conversations about current cultural, religious and socio-economic issues affecting the Woman.

Usawa Inc. is an African Organisation based in Kenya committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women's rights.

We work on co-creating equitable and decent and inclusive work and democratic spaces through, research, communications and human resource policy and practices.

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Latest Events

Women Leaders' Hangout : The Money Brunch

Date: 4th Nov, 2023

Recent research found that a third of women see themselves as investors, but the majority do not feel confident making investment decisions.. even though they tend to make better investment decisions then their male peers.

This event served as both a source of inspiration and a platform for practical financial guidance amidst current global economic challenges.

Swaiba Podcast: Faith, Freedom and Feminism

Ep 9 : Ustadha Aisha and Margaret Nyambura

The conversation starts on a question to Ustadha Aisha: “As a religious leader and teacher, when you hear the term ‘comprehensive sexual education’, what does that mean to you, and what concerns does it raise for you?”

In a candid conversation, Ustadha Aisha and Margaret Nyambura discuss reservations, myths and misconceptions.

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