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  • At SWAIBA - The Audible African Woman Podcast..

    Having deeper conversations about current cultural, religious and socio-economic issues affecting the Woman.

  • At SWAIBA - The Audible African Woman Podcast..

    Creating connections

SWAIBA - The Audible African Woman Podcast

Usawa Inc seeks to shift the power by centring African women as experts in their own lives and key contributors to the SGDs and the AU’s Agenda 2063.

Swaiba - The Audible African Woman, is a podcast hosted by Usawa Inc. We profile young African women as global leaders who are advancing gender equality in the world of work and politics, challenging norms, stereotypes against young African women.

The Swaiba podcast uses inclusive, intersectional and gender sensitive approaches to communications and community engagement, through cross-media storytelling, and journalism to spark conversations with strategic audiences.

Latest Podcast

Unpacking Age-Appropriate Sexuality Education

Video highlights from the podcast.

Highlights From The Podcast

In a candid conversation, Ustadha Aisha and Margaret Nyambura discuss reservations, myths and misconceptions. The conversation starts on a question to Ustadha Aisha: “As a religious leader and teacher, when you hear the term ‘comprehensive sexual education’, what does that mean to you, and what concerns does it raise for you?”

Ustadha Aisha and Margaret Nyambura have both been guests on this Faith, Freedom and Feminism series. In case you haven’t, do tune into those episodes as well.

Ustadha Aisha is an Islamic teacher running a community-based organization, Soma Mama CBO, and a community centre, Darul Kheir Community Centre, both in Mukuru slums. Through her initiatives, Ustadha advocates for the education of Muslim women.

Margaret Nyambura is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She serves as Program Coordinator at the Kenya Legal & Ethical Issues Network on HIV and AIDS (KELIN). She is a Catholic who’s passionate about health law, and access to SRHR.

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